Role: Design Research, Service Design, UX/UI Design
Date: Aug-May
Extent of the project: 6 months

Role: Researcher, Strategist, illustrator,  UX Designer, Art Director
The United States of America is the only industrialized country in the world that does not have a law that provides paid maternity leave period for women. Only around 12 % of the American workers have access to paid maternity leave in 2018 and coverage is three times greater among full-time workers than among part-time workers. In the absence of a response from the government and the little willingness to create regulations that protect working families in the USA, private companies are taking a more active role in addressing the issue and striving to create their own family policies.
Several studies conducted in countries with varying lengths of maternity leave show that six months (24 weeks) of maternity leave tend to get the best balance in health benefits for mother and child while maintaining the mother’s participation and relevance in the labor market.Even though employers understand this and are interested in offering comprehensive leave policies for their employees, they believe that they will not be able to afford them and that the consequences of this situation do not affect them.

The complicated family development conditions offered by private and public institutions, coupled with prevalent traditional gender roles in the American society, constantly put women in an impossible situation: either they take care of their families or they provide for them.

We want to change this!

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