Title: URock
Type of work: Product Development.
Date: Nov-Dec 2016
Extent of the project: 8 weeks

Role: Art Director, Researcher, UI Designer, Animator, Concept Development, illustrator

The mission of this project is to create a business around or within the context of "Urban Fitness". Everything started with the definition of “balance” and “fitness” as separate concepts. We identified the patters and themes that both shared. After our first interviews and research phase we discover that for urbanites fitness and wellness mean the same thing, however people do not define them as the willingness to get a great physical condition or a bikini body. Urban fitness means achieving a balanced life.

The problem is that most people feel time is against them. Their success and happiness is negatively affected by the feeling of not being able to accomplish tasks or spend enough time with their friends and family. Certainly, it was impossible for us to give our users a 36 hours day, but we discover that our users needed to change their behavior, if they wanted to do more things. So, we created a solution that would help our user to build better habits so they can obtain a balanced life. This is how URock was born.
We conducted our research through a series of quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews. This allowed us to confirm or debunk some of our perceptions and hypotheses that resulted from secondary research of books, articles, and scientific reports.Having conversations with more than 100 people allow us to build our empathy map and develop our Personas.
URock is a mini-bot that can track users habits, this bot is paired with his own app, and together they make the perfect support team for those small and big goals everyone is trying to accomplish.

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